Baby Steps

I never said this was going to be easy, but learning how to run a website and make appointments when you already have a very busy life is definitely a challenge. However, for me, I love this challenge. I have always wanted to see just how much damage I could do given the opportunity, so I decided to make the opportunity. I am far from success, but at least I have enabled it. How you might ask? Well over the past four days I have: started a blog (duh), signed up for clickbank, and started my website. I still have not even signed up for any affiliate programs, but I am in the process of developing my website to fit the needs of my company.

For now that is all, but remember Stay tuned, Stay Classy, and Stay Hungry.



Square 1: The Zero Capital Mission

Now that we are all caught up here’s the plan and the motivation. I have relative freedom in most of my aspects of life except for one area, which is economically, and I would like to have some economic freedom before I am done with high school. Unfortunately, I have a very busy schedule and don’t have time to work at some remedial job (no disrespect), which if you are currently doing that, more power to you, but for me that just doesn’t work with my schedule or my personality. 

Now to the rules. I have no money to start, none, $0 capital. My goal, by the time I am done with high school I want to make at least $13,000 per year. Whatever I make, I can invest in myself or my business ventures. If I so choose, I am allowed to fundraise, take out a loan, or hit up some form of investment banking, but in general all the money to do anything should come from me.

For the last two weeks I have spent three hours a night doing research online about how I could possibly make money, and what I came up with is a term I’m coining called “Internet Crossover Marketing.” 

 I will define what that means and how it works in my next post.

Stay tuned, Stay Classy, and Stay Hungry.