Half Done with stage 1

Hey everyone,

Sorry I was gone for a few days, I was participating at the Berkeley invitational public speaking tournament. Now that it’s over, I am back to focusing on business and I have some advice.

First, come up with an idea and stick to it. One of my biggest problems is that I am always coming up with ideas and innovating. Although this quality is great for a CEO or anyone running something, it is also extremely unproductive to be thinking about new things when you haven’t completed the task at hand.

Secondly, use what you know and who you know as resources. I can personally guarantee everyone that they have some connections to use. Many times these resources won’t seem obvious, but I can promise you they help. A great resource doesn’t always have to be a person, my biggest resource so far has been the Internet.

Lastly, expect challenges because they will come, and if your not ready to handle them, then they could put a big hole in your plans. My biggest challenge has been working with people. In general people are stubborn and resistant, Especially when your trying to sell them something.

Major updates: I have been working hard to research companies I want to be an affiliate for. Moreover, I have been thinking about how to use one venture to help another.

Stay Classy, Stay Hungry, and Stay Tuned



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