An Unexpected Player

Hey Everyone,

For those of you just starting to read my blog, I highly suggest you read my first two articles because they chronicle my plans and mission. However, if you are feeling particularly lazy, which I won’t pass judgement on you for considering that I am a teenager from the “laziest generation,” then let me sum it up for you. My name is Jordan, I live in California, I’m 17, and am a junior in high school. I have loved business since a very young age, and finally decided that I had the rest of my life in a place, so that I could now start my own business. I have started a small internet marketing company, which shall remain nameless until I feel that the website is at tip top condition, with a formula called “Internet Crossover Marketing.” This is a type of marketing I have spent the last few weeks developing. 

Now that you are all caught up, let’s talk about the “Unexpected Player.” Today in english the class was at the computer lab signing up for courses for the up coming year. After finishing promptly, I decided that this would be a great time to check my work email, and see if any new developments have taken place. Little did I know that the biggest development of the day was about to occur. The kid next to me, we will call him “agent R” for now, looked over at some of the statistics and other information on my computer, and asked about it. After I finished explaining what I was doing, he was floored and immediately asked to work for me. On top of all this he made a $2000 offer for me to let him in (My school is in a pretty affluent area). I told him I would consider it, but would most likely love to have him in the company. 

This relates to a portion of what I talked about in my “Finding Opportunities” post, which is that you have to make your own luck a lot of the time. Yes, it was lucky that he was also a business type, and that he saw and asked about what I was doing, but because of my concern to see what was going on with my company, he saw, which was the enabling factor for this chain of events to happen. 

So what’s the takeaway? always do interesting things near people you don’t know… just kidding. It’s that an idea is limited only by the ability of the person or people who have it. If you have a great idea and want it to blossom, then let it and aid it. We have all the tools in the world to make something great, you just need to be willing to get it there. 


Stay tuned, Stay Classy, and Stay Hungry.



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