6 Reasons Curling Is the Best Olympic Sport

This is a great post, and although I agree with all your points, I think that the idea behind the olympics is that it’s a test of physical abilities. This is the same reason why bridge (the card game) isn’t in the olympics

For The Win

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Today’s big winner:Curling

It’s time for an intervention, Earth.

It happens every four years. Curling comes on, you point and laugh, curling goes away. The same jokes are always made. How hard is it to throw a rock? If using a broom is an Olympic sport, than I’m an Olympian every day. How can you seriously call yourself an athlete when you wear pants like this?

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It needs to stop. Curling is the best and these are six reasons that will change your mind forever.

1. The rules are simple.

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Get your stone closest to the bull’s-eye; win. It’s that simple. There’s strategy involved, but the sport is easy to follow and easier to understand.

2. The U.S. women are pretty good.

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The American women came in fourth at last year’s world championship, barely missing out on a bronze, and enter the Sochi…

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Half Done with stage 1

Hey everyone,

Sorry I was gone for a few days, I was participating at the Berkeley invitational public speaking tournament. Now that it’s over, I am back to focusing on business and I have some advice.

First, come up with an idea and stick to it. One of my biggest problems is that I am always coming up with ideas and innovating. Although this quality is great for a CEO or anyone running something, it is also extremely unproductive to be thinking about new things when you haven’t completed the task at hand.

Secondly, use what you know and who you know as resources. I can personally guarantee everyone that they have some connections to use. Many times these resources won’t seem obvious, but I can promise you they help. A great resource doesn’t always have to be a person, my biggest resource so far has been the Internet.

Lastly, expect challenges because they will come, and if your not ready to handle them, then they could put a big hole in your plans. My biggest challenge has been working with people. In general people are stubborn and resistant, Especially when your trying to sell them something.

Major updates: I have been working hard to research companies I want to be an affiliate for. Moreover, I have been thinking about how to use one venture to help another.

Stay Classy, Stay Hungry, and Stay Tuned


An Unexpected Player

Hey Everyone,

For those of you just starting to read my blog, I highly suggest you read my first two articles because they chronicle my plans and mission. However, if you are feeling particularly lazy, which I won’t pass judgement on you for considering that I am a teenager from the “laziest generation,” then let me sum it up for you. My name is Jordan, I live in California, I’m 17, and am a junior in high school. I have loved business since a very young age, and finally decided that I had the rest of my life in a place, so that I could now start my own business. I have started a small internet marketing company, which shall remain nameless until I feel that the website is at tip top condition, with a formula called “Internet Crossover Marketing.” This is a type of marketing I have spent the last few weeks developing. 

Now that you are all caught up, let’s talk about the “Unexpected Player.” Today in english the class was at the computer lab signing up for courses for the up coming year. After finishing promptly, I decided that this would be a great time to check my work email, and see if any new developments have taken place. Little did I know that the biggest development of the day was about to occur. The kid next to me, we will call him “agent R” for now, looked over at some of the statistics and other information on my computer, and asked about it. After I finished explaining what I was doing, he was floored and immediately asked to work for me. On top of all this he made a $2000 offer for me to let him in (My school is in a pretty affluent area). I told him I would consider it, but would most likely love to have him in the company. 

This relates to a portion of what I talked about in my “Finding Opportunities” post, which is that you have to make your own luck a lot of the time. Yes, it was lucky that he was also a business type, and that he saw and asked about what I was doing, but because of my concern to see what was going on with my company, he saw, which was the enabling factor for this chain of events to happen. 

So what’s the takeaway? always do interesting things near people you don’t know… just kidding. It’s that an idea is limited only by the ability of the person or people who have it. If you have a great idea and want it to blossom, then let it and aid it. We have all the tools in the world to make something great, you just need to be willing to get it there. 


Stay tuned, Stay Classy, and Stay Hungry.


Baby Steps

I never said this was going to be easy, but learning how to run a website and make appointments when you already have a very busy life is definitely a challenge. However, for me, I love this challenge. I have always wanted to see just how much damage I could do given the opportunity, so I decided to make the opportunity. I am far from success, but at least I have enabled it. How you might ask? Well over the past four days I have: started a blog (duh), signed up for clickbank, and started my website. I still have not even signed up for any affiliate programs, but I am in the process of developing my website to fit the needs of my company.

For now that is all, but remember Stay tuned, Stay Classy, and Stay Hungry.


Action and Ambition

Hi all,

Today I want to talk about turning ambition to action, which as a whole, I think many people struggle with. There is a not a single formula, and converting your plans to profit (if that’s what your after) goes on a case by case basis. Some people have all the time in the world but no drive to succeed, some have all the drive but no plans, and some of us have all the plans but we find ourselves lazy or too busy. I fall into the ladder category, when I’m working, I’m moving a million miles per hour, and because of this, when I’m not working, I’m usually being lazy reading wikipeedia articles in my bed. This is where the distinction between true and ambition and want come in. Greatness, most often, comes from a need to do something. Michael Jordan needed to prove to himself and everyone else back in high school that he was good enough to play on the team. Sonya Sotomayor needed to get herself out of the hood and her home. If you look at the greats of the world, the people who aren’t just successful, but are also story worthy, then you will see this pattern of need. This is the ultimate driving factor for conversion. Now I have a theory that everyone has something they need, that they can use to motivate themselves. Even the kids with affluent parents need something, it’s finding that needed thing that can be tricky.

For me, in all honesty, I don’t need money. My parents work very hard to make sure my lifestyle is comfortable, but, I do need the business. I love marketing, and business, and building things from the ground up. It’s a passion of mine. With many of the other areas of my life fulfilled at the moment, I feel that I can finally embark on this passion. 

At the end of the day, I don’t have the answer to what will motivate you. For many it has to come from within. For others, maybe it has to come from someone else. No matter what motivates you, I urge you, take some time to try and figure it out because by doing so, you will learn much more about yourself and your success. Then maybe you can start turning you real ambitions into actions without letting the rest of the world influence you. 

Stay tuned, Stay Classy, and Stay Hungry.


Finding Opportunities

For everyone who is just getting started now, I highly recommend you read my post called “Square 1,” because it details some of what I will be talking about today. If you have already done that, then you know I promised to talk about “Internet Crossover Marketing.” This comes a little bit later. First I want to talk about finding opportunities and making your own luck.

Today in APUSH, AP United States History, we were talking about when the frontier was officially closed and what that meant for all the opportunity seeking Americans who still wanted a second chance, but now didn’t have the same ability to just move westward. Right away, this notion struck me as very relevant to my new blog because it is very similar scenario.

So let’s imagine the internet as the new frontier for opportunity because it really is in many ways. You have two options: the first is that you could keep traversing across the internets many platforms heading west. This comes to represent developing new codes, technologies, programs, and websites. Just like in American history you have two types of people doing this. There is the poor farmer type, or in this case the people who are not particularly privileged, but have the work ethic and have somehow gained the Know-how to make this happen. The other type of expander are the huge mining and farmer corporations, which come to represent the people who have obtained money and power through some method; Either personal wealth or previous successes or a loan or some form of venture capitalism. These are the people who have the necessary tools to be successful and maybe already are successful. However, regardless of which side of the coin these two groups are on, these people were here first.

Now where does that leave the vast majority of us, who maybe weren’t old enough or missed the first boat, but would still like to settle west, metaphorically that is.

We are left with a few options: we have the Know-how to settle west and don’t need any help (the tech savvy ones), we have the money to settle west and try to expand our wealth, or maybe we don’t need to settle west at all.

My friends, that brings us to where I am today. In the future I do hope to start some apps and online companies, but right now I understand I have no need to settle west. Why would I try to grow and expand another City (the west essentially), when I have all the tools to be successful in front of me. All you need is the internet and a search engine. By doing this you can find opportunities in your own area whether it be a part time job at an actual location or some form of work entirely online.

If you look hard enough for an opportunity you will find one, and it may not be right for you, and it may not be what you were looking for originally, but if you want something bad enough you have to be willing to start somewhere. Luckily, I found something just right for me, but it was not on the first try. Furthermore, when I say “luckily” that has to be taken very seriously, but also with a light tone. I believe people make their own luck, so yes it was lucky I found what led to “My Plan” but on the other hand I was doing hours of research every night, so it wasn’t as much chance as it may seem. I put myself into a position to receive some luck and that is the best thing to do. Luck rarely comes out of nowhere, there is usually some basis for the chain of events that lead up to something “lucky” happening.

Finally, time to reveal my secret plan. Essentially, if you’ve ever seen those annoying “get rich by working at home” sort of things then you have probably wondered is this real? and how? I eventually stumbled on what they really are talking about, and it is called affiliate programs.

As an affiliate you get paid a commission by the company you are advertising for by selling items or subscriptions or even just directing people to a company’s site. Now how does this tie into my whole plan, well I don’t need a cent to do this. However, I don’t have the money (yet) to advertise a ton online and make lots of money by doing that, but I do have a community filled with small and medium sized businesses that I can drive to and sell a product in person. This is “Internet Crossover Marketing.” It’s the concept of taking something from the internet and selling it in person. For Example, my dad is a doctor, and he knows a ton of doctors. If I go to some of them and pitch them a product or a website that they can buy equipment from and they buy it, I have effectively sold them something valuable without having to have any capital to buy what I am selling in the first place. Kind of like a modern age door to door salesman. That’s part of the crossover, but it doesn’t stop there, if I can now advertise on that companies website, I have effectively gone from online to in person and then back to online again, and that is just through one sale.

Stay tuned, Stay Classy, and Stay Hungry.


Square 1: The Zero Capital Mission

Now that we are all caught up here’s the plan and the motivation. I have relative freedom in most of my aspects of life except for one area, which is economically, and I would like to have some economic freedom before I am done with high school. Unfortunately, I have a very busy schedule and don’t have time to work at some remedial job (no disrespect), which if you are currently doing that, more power to you, but for me that just doesn’t work with my schedule or my personality. 

Now to the rules. I have no money to start, none, $0 capital. My goal, by the time I am done with high school I want to make at least $13,000 per year. Whatever I make, I can invest in myself or my business ventures. If I so choose, I am allowed to fundraise, take out a loan, or hit up some form of investment banking, but in general all the money to do anything should come from me.

For the last two weeks I have spent three hours a night doing research online about how I could possibly make money, and what I came up with is a term I’m coining called “Internet Crossover Marketing.” 

 I will define what that means and how it works in my next post.

Stay tuned, Stay Classy, and Stay Hungry.